Automotive Wealth Creator is a boutique firm that has provided consultancy services for automotive workshops for over a decade with incredible results.

Through our expertise, we offer relevant industry business practices for improvements and growth in both operations and bottom line profits.


We have a hands-on approach. This gives us a comprehensive grasp of your business, which in turn allows us to provide the most effective solutions to your challenges


Process and Productivity

The intrinsic benefits created through strong business processes are often hard to see. Yet, they present tangible results observable in heightened competitive advantage for the business. Thus, process improvement strategies can drive very powerful and sustainable business improvement. It also aids in engaging employees by distributing responsibility and accountability consistently and clearly. This in turn creates a cohesive, structured, and coherent business, leading to improved customer experience. Strong business practices do not just improve the working conditions for employees, nor does it just provide a fantastic experience for customers, it also streamlines the business' activities and radically improves productivity by increasing the output of a process relative to the resources required to produce said outputs. 

Understanding Financials

When financial experts discuss a business' financial data, it often feels like a foreign language.

We ensure you get the correct interpretation of the numbers which allows a thorough understanding of your business’ financial position, helps you streamline your processes to increase profit, and calculate tangible profitability increases and other return on investment (ROI).



We will help you maximise your profits by equipping you with business tools and aiding you in their implementation.

With the industry benchmarking figures we provide, you will be able to compare, fully understand where you are now, where you need to be, and where your potential lies to maximise the true value of your business. Assets include people, tools and equipment, facilities, information technology, and intellectual property.  Few actually measure the extent to which assets serve their intended purpose for profit.


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During your complimentary coaching session, we will assess your business and your business strategy so as to pinpoint what is working and how to build on it. We will equally highlight key areas in need of improvement, evaluate the source of any issues, and establish your next steps.


Duncan Boyle - Founder


Duncan is a Business Improvement Specialist who has the unique ability to work with businesses at all levels of productivity.  He has a passion for bringing out the absolute best in every business he works with, believing the successes of his business clientele to be his success.

Duncan’s effectiveness in delivering results stems from his total commitment to his clients’ success, a strong grasp of the aftermarket, and ability to understand why people do the things they do, as well as his ability to motivate them to embrace and make significant changes.

Duncan believes that a continual “1 percent improvement” over a sustained period is a critical strategy for businesses, because it is easy to attain and always has a cumulative and positive impact on profit.

As the founder and director of Automotive Wealth Creator, Duncan maintains a boutique clientele, allowing him a hands-on approach working with every facet of a business, from business owners, to service managers, and workshop technicians, ensuring a practical focus on producing measurable results. 


Topics We Cover

Vision, Mission
Profit Maximisation
Understanding Financial Reports

Customer Relationship Development

Selling Skills

Organisational Structures
Systems Development

Staff Recruitment, Induction & Development
Wealth Building in Business
Exit Strategies


Our Partners


Associates contribute unique skill sets which complement ours and just as importantly, share our primary values of being totally committed to delivering outcomes that matter.

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